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FIRST Team #3707 Code of Conduct

The Brighton Robotics Team “TechnoDogs” abides by the FRC Student Safety Handbook, the Brighton High School Student Code of Conduct, and honors “Gracious Professionalism”, both by mentors and students. The following ‘Team 3707 Code of Conduct’ Outlines specific expectations that Team 3707 has agreed upon for the dated season. In the most paramount effort to honor integrity and a commitment to excellence the following guidelines have been effectuated, to be executed at Brighton High School, GM Proving Grounds, and all other venues:

  1. If a member has been asked to eliminate an unwanted behavior or action, but fails to correct the incident, particularly after multiple warnings have been given, the student(s) parent/guardian(s) will be contacted and the student will be asked to leave that meeting/event.
  2. If a student builds a history of incidents, they will be asked to remove themselves from all team activities for an agreed upon period of time. A parent/coach meeting may be necessary to address the incident(s).
  3. If a student has become a threat to the security and safety of himself/herself, or others, and has a documented history of negative incidents, they will be asked to remove themselves from Team 3707 for the remainder of the season, and an interview will be effectuated to consider whether the student may return to the team for the subsequent school year.
  4. Profanity, discourteous language or behavior, or rude/aggressive language will not be tolerated. Offenses will be documented and a meeting with a coach will ensue.
  5. Bullying, and all other forms of bullying including via social media, will absolutely not be tolerated, and may result in removal from the team.
  6. Students given opportunities to observe, practice, perform, various practices and procedures during both large group activities or small group breakout trainings, but choose not to use the time as indicated, will be asked to leave the activity. Negligence is a dangerous behavior that has no place on this team. Negligence can be defined as oblivious behaviors or a lack of respect for the work-place.
  7. Students agree to maintain, and always have available, an engineering notebook, that will provide direction and accountability for all team functions and student tasks. This notebook will be made available to mentors/coaches at all times.
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