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-===== Parent and Student Start of Season Step by Step ===== 
-==== Step 1 - School Application and Forms  (Parents and Students) ==== 
-These forms must be completed **each year** and turned into [[technodogs:about:whos_who:rocky_roberts|Coach Roberts]] in the [[autotech:start|AutoTech]] lab. 
-  * [[technodogs:business:organization:forms:student_application|BHS Robotics Team Application]] <html><font size=-1 color='red'>(Participation Fee will be due Jan 5, 2019)</font></html> 
-  * [[technodogs:business:organization:forms:code_of_conduct|Technodog Code of Conduct]] 
-  * [[technodogs:business:organization:forms:transportation_waiver|Transportation Permission Slip]] 
-  * {{ :technodogs:business:organization:forms:photo_release_form.pdf | Photo Release Form}} 
-  * Team #3707 Brighton TechnoDogs General Information Form 
-==== Step 2 - Register with FIRST (Parents and Students) ==== 
-Each **student** must register and apply to join our FRC team via the FIRST website. **Parents** must also complete an online registration and sign a participation waiver.\\  
-FIRST Register / Login to Dashboard 
-  * 
-  * The first time you log in you will be required to create an account including email address and a password 
-  * Step by Step to registering with first (hopefully one of these is up to date) 
-    * [[.:first-step-by-step: | Technodog Parent Instructions for Completing FIRST Consent and Release Forms]] 
-    * [[| First of Michigan also has a step by step]] 
-<html><font color=red>Why this step is very important</font></html> 
-  * Students that haven't had this completed will **not be allowed** to participate in FIRST Competition Events. 
-  * It is the **only** means for a student to be on the teams FRC Roster 
-  * Eligibility for [[.:student:scholarships: | Scholarships]] depends on records of FIRST registration and participation. 
-==== Step 3 - FIRST in Michigan Waiver ==== 
-<html><font size=-1 color=red>(This step will be done for each Event - we will send a link before the events)</font></html>\\ 
-Similar to FIRST Robotics Team Application and Waiver, [[institutions:first_in_michigan: | FIRST in Michigan]] requires online waiver forms to be completed. The two (minimum) District Competitions we will participate in are coordinated and run by FIRST of Michigan.  This is the reason FIRST of Michigan also requires a waiver form to be completed by all participants. 
-==== Step 4 - SP/2 Safety Training (Students) ==== 
-<html><font size=-1 color=red>(Skip this step for now - We will notify students when training is ready)</font></html>\\ 
-The Brighton Robotics team also requires all team members to complete the SP/2 safety training **before** they will be allowed to handle tools or work in the labs or shops we use.  This is for the students' safety.  The on-line class is a valuable training tool and utilized in industry.\\ 
-**Important note:** 
-  * No Worries early on - Students will be instructed on this training as the pre-season progresses 
-  * Students will be given a pair of [[technodogs:safety:equipment:safety_glasses|Safety Glasses]] at the beginning of pre-season.  **They are expected to bring them to all robotics training, build and competitive events as their personal protective wear.** 
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